Titanium Round Bar is one of the most used forms of titanium metal. The round bar is used in different applications such as the medical industry, machining industry, construction industry and the aerospace applications. The strength, ductility and anticorrosive properties of the bar make it widely used. There are different standards, sizes and grades of the bar. The grading of titanium is based on the addition of alloy materials in the composition. There are pure titanium grades and others. The grade 5 is the most used form of titanium in around 40 different grades. The titanium round bar therefore is made mostly in grade 5. Although the grade 5 is mostly used, the other grades are used appropriate for the applications as well. Grade 2 for example is a commercially pure titanium material that has standard oxygen content.

It is also one of the unalloyed titanium grades. There are different shapes of the bars as well. They are not just produced in round shapes. The titanium hex bar is one of the other shapes that are mostly used. The hex shapes helps in construction and other specific applications and improves strength. It could also be used to derive hex bolts and nuts. There are differently shaped bars in different grades. The titanium grade 2 round bar prices depend on the raw material. Since it is commercially pure titanium and the manufacturing process involves a lot of automated and manual processes, the prices can fluctuate from facility to facility and supplier to supplier.