So, you simply got exceptional bank-owned property under contract and you require a loan to purchase, fix and switch. You visited three hard money lenders plus they switched you lower. Why? Since you STINK at selling your deal. You heard right, you have to learn to SELL your deal to some lender.

Selling your deal means developing a good loan package to undergo the lender. Begin by obtaining a binder from Office Depot, with some tabs you are able to print on. Mark the tabs in to the following sections:

Here’s the thing you need in every section:

About Me.

This should have a FNMA 1003 application for the loan, a duplicate of your credit score, a duplicate of the license along with a brief resume of the experience. For those who have no training, then a minimum of put a summary of books and workshops you have been through. A summary of references is needed, too. Shedding Bill Bronchick’s name could not hurt!

Purchase Contract.

A duplicate from the purchase hire any addendums is going here.


Ideally an evaluation, but a minimum of a broker BPO (broker’s cost opinion) is going here.

Insurance Binder.

A duplicate of the dedication to insure from insurance companies goes here.

Title Commitment. A duplicate from the title commitment is going here.

Photos. Detailed photos in and outdoors from the property, Colored.

Inspection. Possess a professional inspection done from the property and set his report here.

Repair estimate.

A repair estimate from the LICENSED general contract (copy of his license, too) is going here. Also a check mark report and a summary of repairs to treat the problems addressed within the report.


Insert a spreadsheet from the introduction to the figures. You buy the car costs, settlement costs, holding costs, repairs, realtor charges, etc. These costs ought to be complete and realistic. Remember about concessions and having to pay the buyer’s Federal housing administration loan costs, too.


A diagram from the outline of the construction project is going here. Again, this ought to be COMPLETE and realistic. Microsoft Plan It’s a good computer software to create this up professionally.

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