Using the amazing advancements in technology, companies are actually benefiting from digital ways of advertising. This has resulted in a rise in digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising. A 2007- 2008 Digital Out-of-Home Media Awareness and Attitude Study says “63% of individuals surveyed reported that place-based digital advertising catches their attention greater than any other media, including advertising on tv, the net along with other types of tradition media for example newspapers, magazines, and radio.”

Digital OOH advertising may benefit a store within the following ways:

o OTX (Online Testing exchange) conducted a nationwide survey with consumers where individuals reported this media was among the most unique and entertaining methods to capture their attention. Recording consumers’ attention is important for growing sales.

o Digital OOH advertising offers advertisers versatility and target-ability to be able to achieve consumers.

o Businesses can target consumers outdoors of the homes.

o Advertisers delivers appropriate messages according to in which the advertising screen is situated. They be capable of advertise in places where individuals travel during the day. This could include supermarkets, clothes shops, malls, coffee houses, fitness gyms…and so on.

o There isn’t any better spot for someone to get a note than when they’re inside a store. POPAI studies have proven “that as much as 70% of purchasing decisions come in an outlet” Digital OOH works well when targeting consumers who’re just browsing inside a store.

o*Average recall rates for digital and video out-of-home advertising systems continues to be reported as “about 40 %. Traditional media recall minute rates are lower: television (32%), radio (27%) and magazines (21%)” * Source: Advertising Done Affordably and efficient, By Lyle Bunn March 2009,USA Today

o There are improved and reliable audience metrics and accountability

o In large shops or departmental stores, digital OOH helps retailers to produce highly targeted messages to consumers according to screen locations inside the departments. Additionally they be capable of place screens in high traffic locations, in specific demographic profiled areas, and close to the area in which the actual method is being offered. They may also place screens available front home windows and run the ads 24/7.

o Advertisers can target almost any demographic or socio-demographic group.

o When done properly, consumers will discover helpful information and content that matches their lifestyle and needs.

o Because from the consumer is outdoors, they’re nearer to in which the goods are located. This can lead to a faster decision to buy. Not one other media offers the opportunity to target consumers when they’re so close to begin purchase.

o Advertisers can continue rapport with consumers by regularly updating their ads.

o Because this kind of promotion is comparatively new, it’s very economical.

o By targeting a particular audience, companies will achieve just the consumers who will probably buy their product. A properly considered, creative, and well-planned campaign will eliminate advertising waste and save companies lots of money.

o Consumers agree to digital OOH advertising. Research conducted by Edison Media Research demonstrated that “reaching mobile consumers in multiple places throughout their weekly routines led to 59% of respondents who saw the ad reporting that they are thinking about learning much more about the service.”

To be able to conserve a effective business, advertisers have to maintain altering technology and lifestyles. Digital OOH continues to be continuously convincing companies to acknowledge the advantages of this method of advertising. Marketers are actually visiting a increase in revenue, more engaged customers, and a rise in promotional initiatives. Digital out-of-home advertising is the way forward for efficient, creative, and price-effective marketing campaigns.