A study claims that 28 percent of companies are satisfied with the conversion rates and the 37 percent reported that they are not satisfied or very dissatisfied. The reason there is a dissatisfaction because of not making the most of the optimization opportunities that will enhance the B2B conversion rates. A Conversion Rate Optimization company claims that following are the practices which companies must never underestimate.

  1. Simplify the customer experiences

The simplest step is often the most overlooked one. Many B2B companies complicate their sales funnel and customer experiences. And it never helps in conversations. Rather, they end up losing many potential leads because they are tired of working through the entire process. They also abandon the website with a left out purchase or a sign up form. You need to minimize work monitoring software the steps to make the process simple.

  1. Simplify the designs

You should also keep your website design and layout simple. The gist should always be on what is the most important: copy or the CTA. Your website design can deliver much better conversion rates as it is an important factor that may affect the buying decisions of the B2B buyers. Get rid of all useless design elements that may distract your visitors. Check if you really need to highlight company events on your homepage. You can also remove that low quality image on your entire screen as well.

  1. Simplify your forms

Similarly, you should also review the signup forms and sign in pages to check if there is anything to improve. Maybe, you may not need to ask for their company address now unless you are delivering the physical product to them. Or you can also provide them a one click sign in button where they can easily sign in with the help of their social media accounts.

  1. Promote the content in a strategic way

Some B2B companies tend to overshare when they promote their content. They share it on every social media profile they are active on and send notifications about every new content posts being released to the subscriber. Being abundant with the content seems like a good move if you want your audience to consume your content. But it never boosts your conversions.